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For maximum piece of mind we test and inspect your electrical system to ensure it is operating at a safe standard. The test will reveal the potential for electric shock or any possibility of fire risk, it will also show any faulty DIY work .


Lighten up your garden with beautiful lights, with LED decking lights, patio lighting to create that soft mood for evening entertaining or spot lights. Maybe you require security lighting, this is a helpful deterrant to would be thieves. For more practical uses why not add lighting inside your shed outbuilding or garage?


Every room in your home requires lighting but there are many ways to create that homely feel with many different lighting options. Kitchens are particularly suited to spot lights but dining rooms and bedrooms require less intense lighting solutions. With the increase of LED technology you can be sure to save yourself money on your energy bills.


Many people still do not take the risk of fire seriously enough and it really doesn't cost the earth to have robust fire alarm or carbonmonoxide alarm fitted. It is recommended that more than one alarm is fittin to your home, don't be a victim of fire, call us today for piece of mind installation.


In today's technology saturated world, we all seem to run out of electrical sockets. Many people resort to using extesion cables or 3-way plugs which are not ideal. We can fit new sockets in your home so that you never run out os sockets, many wall sockets now come with built in USB sockets, which will free up your main sockets for larger appliances.


GEMS electrical can get you up and running with your new T.V. or any other audio visial equipment.


Your home is your castle and you can take simple measures to deter thieves from trying to enter your home. Two things that every home should have is an alarm system and CCTV installed. Many systems now let you monitor your home from your mobile devices, so you can keep an eye on your home while you're away.


We can install all manner of appliances in your home, including electric ovens, ceiling/wall fans, kitchen extractor fans, shaver light/points to name a few.

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